Innovation in Survival Gear- Launch of the Survival Canteen: Fire + Water

by arcway industries December 28, 2016

Arcway Industries has launched the second edition in its line of survival gear this month, specially-designed for outdoor professionals: the Survival Canteen: Fire + Water. Just in time for the spring, this indispensable companion for adventurers and survival experts alike puts an innovative new spin on the typical canteen pack.THE POWER OF FIRE AND WATER IN YOUR HANDS Built to withstand the elements, the Survival Canteen: Fire + Water is a comprehensive, low-weight survival kit that includes everything you need to quickly build a fire and safely carry water. The kit comes with a heatable 40 ounce stainless steel Klean Kanteen and a graduated titanium cup to help keep you hydrated as long as you need. It also has a Firebox Folding Stove to warm whatever you need, a military-grade Spark-Lite fire starter pack to help you ignite a fire in almost any circumstances, and an exclusive line of Fatwood chips to maintain your fire longer. The kit is carried in a rugged MOLLE pouch that is lightweight, multifunctional and most importantly - reliable. To top it all off, the pack includes a signature bottle opener as well. Available in three colors, the Survival Canteen: Fire + Water can be purchased through a limited release via their online marketplace. ARCWAY’S SECOND SURVIVAL KIT - AN EVOLUTION Ideal for both professional survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts, the Survival Canteen: Fire + Water follows Arcway’s initial Survival Canteen: Basics, an economical outdoor pack in the beginner's price range that includes a paracord sling and first aid kit. Arcway Industries aims to establish a line of outdoor gear that is synonymous with high quality and utility, basing its product designs on a combination of customer demand and the use of the most cutting edge materials and services to make unique, state of the art outdoor gear. Arcway is only just warming up with the launch of the Survival Canteen: Fire + Water. Coming next, Arcway will launch the Reliance Knife, a tactical knife with a 9.5” blade made out of all weather 440c stainless steel that is sure to become a market favorite in the world of outdoor gear.
A LITTLE ABOUT ARCWAY INDUSTRIES Arcway Industries strives to support regional markets and utilize American made products based on the understanding that keeping it local is simply better - for us and the environment. All products and services are made in accordance with this idea, capitalizing on recyclable and reusable materials in addition to more efficient manufacturing procedures to demonstrate how small businesses can pave the way in socially and environmentally friendly practices while still providing the market with an appreciated product. ake sure to stay tuned to everything happening at Arcway Industries by following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, and following them on LinkedIn.
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